Caballero Zifar

Tinto Seco

Category: Dry red wine.
Denomination of Origin:
D.O. Ribera del Duero.
Grape Variety:
100% Tempranillo.

Vine location: Pesquera de Duero, La Horra. Century old vineyards.
Altitude: 820 m a.s.l. which allow the grapes to reach full maturity and improve their acidity for perfect growth in the bottle.
Harvest: Manual in boxes of 15Kg.

Elaboration: Pre-fermentation maceration in a refrigerated chamber at 5ºC for 24 hours, where the alcoholic fermentation takes process.
Aging: 15 months in French oak barrels.
Alcohol level: 15% vol.
Serving temperature: 15-16ºC.



Appearance: High chromatic intensity, with purple and cherry hues.
Nose: Primary tones of blackberry, licorice and violet. Hints of sweet spices, pepper and toffee. 
Mouth: Gentle tannins, long aftertaste, volume and great medium mouth.
Pairing: All big game meats make a perfect paring, venison, wild boar, both in stew and roasted or as sausage. Roasted or grilled lamb chops make an ideal combination.